Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Colorful Heart

This heart is so pretty and colorful!  And it looks exactly like the sort of thing I like to make!  I love the raw-edge piecing of the batik fabrics.  You can find this heart and more like it for sale at Music Teachah on Etsy.  It's flat, not stuffed, and I will surely do something like this during my heart-a-day challenge.  It would be great in red and pink for Valentine's day, on a garland.


susan ab said...

so pretty!
and the blue ribbon is just the icing on this heart. i think in 2012 i need to try to add more touches to my craftings for sure. people realize they like something and it's often those details that make it awesome.

Maia Wirth said...

thank you so very much for featuring my little heart! many blessings to you... xo