Monday, February 6, 2012

Special Order Hearts

Day #37
Hearts #46-52

Last week I received a special order that coincides very nicely with my 365 hearts objective!  A customer of the local store where I sell my work wanted some of my heart pins in three particular colors:  purple, olive and teal.  She already has several of these pins in other colors, and she wanted one more for herself and several to give to friends for Valentine's Day. 

These hearts are about 3" tall, and have a coiless pin on the back  After tying the ribbon in a bow, I put a dab of glue underneith to keep it from coming undone while being worn.  Here's what I made:




This one is my favorite, because I love purple, and this Japanese fabric is especially lovely.  All the other hearts were made with a combination of fabrics on the front, but this one is a single fabric.

My customer only needs two purple, one teal and one olive, but I made extras so she would have a little bit of a choice.

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fiddlegirl8 said...

Leslie - these hearts are all lovely - you did a really good job for your customer!! You ROCK at this heart making!! :)