Monday, November 5, 2012

Names, Part Three

Days Remaining until hearts are due for The Giving Heart:  26
Hearts Completed:  70 /100 (or 200?)

Here are eight more hearts with names of volunteers at The Giving Heart for their charity Christmas tree:

I love this striped fabric!


LimeRiot said...

Oh that fabric is great!! It looks like it's pieced together with scraps. Fun stuff.

Kay said...

Hi Leslie. I have 10 hearts for you all packaged up ready to be sent this week when I get to the post office. They are not very professional looking but are made with love. I'll let you know when they are in the post.

Leslie Andersen said...

Wow, thanks Kay! I am excited about your hearts! I can really use the help, since its looking more and more like I won't have time to make all 200 by myself.

Pam Fields said...

These are so pretty, Leslie! We worked on my friend's batch last night and had a wonderful time. 4 girlfriends crafting to encourage is Tuesday.

Kay said...

I have just got back from the post office and have sent 10 hearts off to Vicki at the Giving heart. Five ar emade from fabric and five from craft felt (I can't use wool felt as it makes me itch), and they all have the word Love on them. They should probably take about a week to arrive.

Leslie Andersen said...

Pam, your evening of sewing with friends sounds wonderful. Way to share the love!

KAY!! Thanks so much for going above and beyond...ten hearts is a lot! I will add them to the total. Do you have a picture you could send me?