Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fancy Felt Heart

Day #74
Heart #85

I made one more pincushion heart to test the Fancy Felt I bought from Giant Dwarf on Etsy.  It was suggested to me by Mareth at Lime Riot, who uses this wool and viscose blend felt in all her creations. 

It feels just like 100% wool felt (not slippery or "plastic-y" like acrylic felt); it has a nice body and density, but is a little thinner than the wool felt I usually work with.

I like this product a lot and I'm hoping the lower wool content will discourage little buggies from eating it!

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LimeRiot said...

It looks great, Leslie! I'm glad you liked working with it. I buy the rainbow packs from Giant Dwarf so I have a sheet in every color :). The diversity is much greater than the colors you can get in standard craft felt.