Sunday, April 29, 2012

100th Heart!

Day #120
Heart #100

Wow, I've made 100 hearts!  But I am falling behind a bit, which I don't like at I am going to try to catch up in the next few weeks.  First, I will finish up the series of alphabet hearts I started in January; after that, who knows?

Today I finished the letter "O".  I love that the owl is framed by the letter!

I have another half-dozen letter hearts started, but this is the cutest one, so I finished this one first!

I've decided that when the whole alphabet is done, I will run a cord along the top of the wall in my sewing room and hang them up there where I can enjoy them every day.  I also intend to do a group shot of all the alphabet hearts together when they are done.  I can't wait for that!


LimeRiot said...

Very cute! Love that you used owl fabric too. So clever :). Are you going to do the whole alphabet?

susan ab said...

your 100th sewn heart!
congratulations on this really amazing milestone, leslie.

Kay said...

So cute! I really love the way the owl is framed by the letter.