Monday, April 30, 2012

Three More Letters

Day #121
Hearts #101-103

This is a quick look at three more of the alphabet letter hearts; I'm doing the letters in random order.  When I have the whole alphabet completed I will show you a group shot.  Here are my newest hearts:

C is for Candy Corn

M is for Mittens (the mittens are somewhat obscured by the M; I will have to take that into consideration as I choose fabrics in the future)

R is for Ring (I like this one the best!)


LimeRiot said...

What are you going to do for "X"? Are all of these great fabrics in your stash?

Leslie Andersen said...

I wondered about the "X" too, until I remembered a bit of Valentine's fabric I have with and "X's and O's" design--yay! Yes, all these fabrics are in my stash, and I've used some sent to me just for this purpose by susanab. My stash is huge and out of control--it can be a big problem to locate a particular fabric that I know is here somewhere!

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