Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cute Clothesline and a FAIL

Day #199
Hearts #207-208

 A week or two ago, when I was asking for suggestions for these wool felt scissors fobs, my friend Diane (aka fiddlegirl8) mentioned an idea that I had already been toying with--a clothesline!  Since we both thought of it, I had to try it.  Who knew a clothesline could be so cute?

A tiny t-shirt, blue jeans, and boxers!

Diane also mentioned something else, which is pictured below.  I was almost finished making it when I thought "this doesn't look right".  My daughter was sitting nearby, so I showed it to her and asked, "What do you think this is?"

She answered:  "The letter U?"

"A necklace?"

"Christmas lights?"
NO.  *Sigh*

I told her tt's supposed to be a BUNTING.  She says she's never heard of a bunting.  *Sigh*

Okay, well, I know how it SHOULD look, so I'm going to try again tonight.  Come back tomorrow to view my new, improved bunting!!


Kay said...

Love the clothesline. By the way, I had guessed bunting. Bunting is everywhere in England so it was an obvious answer for me. I thnk it is the u shape of the string that confuses it, because the triangles do say bunting.

Helen said...

I knew it was bunting :)