Friday, July 6, 2012

Tomato Pincushion

Day #188
Heart #196

I received a question from Kay; she wonders if I have the rest of the year planned out in hearts?  The answer is NO!  I just go from day to day and make whatever I feel like making!  Today's heart is a perfect example; until yesterday, I'd never thought of doing a tomato pincushion on a heart, but I suddenly envisioned exactly how to do it, so I sat right down and made it:

Since these little wool felt hearts are technically scissors fobs, anything "sewing" themed seems so perfect. 

I've gotten a lot of input this week, since posting these fobs on Craftster; so many people have offered me ideas!  All of them are great, but some "fit" these fobs better than others.  It has been invigorating to get so much attention and hear so many ideas, so although I don't have the rest of the year planned out, I do have a LOT of ideas that I have sketched in my notebook to refer to when it's time to work on my daily heart.  Thanks, everyone!


Kay said...

Just adorable. Your imagination knows no bounds. This is up on my favourite list. I find it interesting going through the comments on the other blog to see which are peoples' favourites, because some are mentioned again and again, such as the sewing machine fob and the button flowers. I really do appreciate you answering all my questions, thank you.

wendiek said...

Hahaha, you are not only a very good craft(st)er, you are also a funny one!

Not just a tomato, no a tomato-pincushion! I find it adorable and funny!

Great work Leslie! I think I would have gone mad by now, crafting all these hearts. Love all you hearts!