Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Little Boat and The Whole Jar

Day #187
Heart #195

I intended to post this two days ago, when I posted all the fobs on my other blog--but I forgot!!  So here is the jar of fobs, as promised.

Today I have a little boat scissors fob to show you.  As with all these fobs, this is made from wool felt, embroidery floss, sewing thread, baker's twine, polyfill, and imagination!

And now, to show off my pint-size jar FULL of scissors fobs!  How many are in here, you ask?  The only person who ventured a guess was Diane (aka fiddlegirl8); she guessed 44...the actual number is...34!


Kay said...

So many cute scissor fobs. Do you have the rest of the year planned out in hearts yet? Of course, when it is December you can sew christmas themes to your hearts' content.

fiddlegirl8 said...

CAN'T YOU PLEEEEESE SQUEEZE TEN MORE IN THE JAR!! Then I could be on target with my guess! Ha! Just kidding - I love this pint sized jar of hearts - you are such an inspiration, Leslie - I just love you for that! I am always pleasantly surprised with your ideas and creations.


Anonymous said...

After seeing your post on Craftster about your scissor fobs, I just had to check out your 365 Sewn Hearts blog. I started in January and have now arrived at what is the end for now. WOW, you have amazing talent and a mind full of ideas. I'd like to make two suggestions for hearts I'd like to see. You've done an American flag, could you try a Canadian flag? I can picture it in my mind and it would be so cute. Being a huge fan of snowmen, I'd also like to see one featured on a heart.