Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Heart Keychains

Day #137
Hearts #108-110

As you can see, I've made a few more of these heart keychains.  I made a few changes, because I want them to be good enough to sell.  Today I made up a "kit" with everything in it to make one of these, and brought it with me to an appointment where I knew I might have to wait for a while, and it was easy to do away from home--so I'm going to make up a bunch of kits to have handy when I need something to keep my hands busy! 

My lovely reader Kay commented, on the previous heart keychain, that she would like to try one of these, because it is (mostly) hand sewing.  I love it when I get comments from readers!  I was inspired by her comment to come up with a tutorial for these.  I am working on it now, and I will post it on my other blog, Leslie's Art and Sew, when it is done.  I will even show you how to do it entirely by hand, Kay!

I redesigned it so there is no stitching to bother with on the back.  I also added two layers of interfacing to give it more stiffness.

The hardest part is finding fabric with a small image that looks good when framed like this.  Of course, you could always make a small embroidered or cross-stitched piece to go in the center.


Kay said...

Your blog just gets better and better, Leslie. The owl key ring is particularly adorable, owls are very big over here in the U.K. I am really looking forward to your tutorial too.

Jarny said...

Very very very very!
love love love!