Saturday, May 26, 2012

W and X

Day #147
Hearts #111-112

I'm still making my way randomly through the alphabet...I hope to finish up all the letters this weekend so I can move on to other things.  After the alphabet garland is done I want to do another garland with all kinds of different hearts--all sizes, shapes, colors and styles.

Today I have two very cute letters:  W and X.

"W" is for watermelon

"X" is for x's and o's

You would think the "x" would be the hardest to find a fabric for, but I had this in my stash.  The two letters that are really giving me trouble are "u" and "y".  I have a wonderful umbrella fabric, but the print is so large it won't work very well, and I am totally stuck on "y".  I will look through my fabrics again, and if all else fails, I will embroider something!


Kay said...

How about just a plain sunshiny yellow fabric for Y?

Leslie Andersen said...

That's a good idea, Kay! But before I read your comment, I remembered a piece of winter-themed fabric I have, with the words "wear warm clothes" on it...and some of the clothes are long I'm using underwear for the u!

Leslie Andersen said...

Oops, I didn't say what I meant to say--for Y I also came up with a fabric that looks like hard-boiled egg slices, so Y will be for "yolk"!