Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Second Half of the Alphabet

Day #148
Hearts #113-115

Ooh, I'm excited to be working on the second half of the alphabet hearts I started way back in January!  Yesterday I chose all the fabrics, cut them out, applied the letters, and sewed the hearts together for the last 13 letters; all that's left is to stuff them and sew them closed. 

I finished three of them last night, and these three have something in common that you can't see:  the pretty fabrics were all given to me by my BCF (Best Crafty Friend) Susan!  She's such an enabler!  Thanks, Susan!

"E" is for Elephants

"I" is for I Love Lucy (I was thrilled to find this in my stash, because I was having trouble with this letter!)

"V" is for Vehicles


LimeRiot said...

You're getting so close!! I can't wait to see all of the letters together. Epic!

Kay said...

Love those elephants.