Monday, May 28, 2012

Notions and Buttons

Day #149
Hearts #116-117

I have two more alphabet hearts to show you today.  They are so similar-looking that I'm glad they will be widely separated in my alphabet garland!

"N" is for Notions:

"B" is for Buttons:

These two hearts (and all of the ones from yesterday, and the ones still to come) have letters made from fabric, fused to the heart with Heat n Bond.  It is quicker than sewing the letters on, and I like the look of the fabric letters.  Most of the previous alphabet hearts have felt letters that I carefully sewed by machine, but this will be a garland, high on the wall, that won't be closely inspected, so I think I can get away with fusing rather than sewing some of the letters!

1 comment:

fiddlegirl8 said...

I really like all your alphabet hearts - I've been keeping a list of the ones you've completed, and now that you've finishing sewing and fusing all of them, I can't wait to see the rest of the alphabet once you stuff those little hearts!

Way to go, Leslie! :)