Friday, June 22, 2012

Button Flowers

Day #174
Heart #157

Here's one more heart-shaped wool-felt scissors fob for my collection.  The simple button flowers are completed with embroidery.  It was quick and easy to make since I didn't have to cut out any tiny shapes from felt!  (I cut the background hearts using my Sizzix machine with a heart-shaped die.)

Kay has asked (and some of you may have wondered):  what do I plan to do with all these scissors fobs?  The answer is, there is no plan!  They might end up in my jar of hearts, or I might use them on the alphabet heart garland I plan to put together when I have time. Maybe I will give some away, or use them as ornaments on a table-top Christmas tree.

I enjoy looking at these little fobs as a group, because they are so tiny and cute, so I will do a post about them on my other blog (Leslie's Art and Sew) when I have a few more--that way you can see them all together too!


Kay said...

This has gone straight on to my favourite list, the cutest scissor fob so far.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks, Kay! You are so sweet!