Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Clouds

Day #156
Hearts #128-129

Two more scissors fobs!

I wanted to try an image-transfer technique I heard about on Craftster:  using a rubber stamp, stamp the image on the WRONG side of the felt, and use that as your guide as you emberoider.  That's how I did the cloud on the left.  It worked okay, but wasn't as precise as I would like, so for the fob on the right, I cut felt into the cloud shape and sewed that to the heart.  I like that much more!


Kay said...

Everytime I look I find a new favourite heart. Your little blue heart with the cloud on is adorable.

Kay said...

I have made 2 of these today although they are nowhere near as good as yours. I did them from memory and my cloud is a very different shape. They also look more amused than happy!

Leslie Andersen said...

Kay! I'm excited that you made some of these! I would love to see a picture of them!