Thursday, June 7, 2012


Day #159
Heart #137

A cute and summery watermelon heart scissors fob!

I enjoy making these scissors fobs so much, I can imagine completing the year of hearts making nothing else but these!  There's no limit to the way I decorate them.

They are so small I was afraid I would start to misplace them, so I put the four I've made into this canning jar. Then I thought, I wonder if I could make enough to fill this whole jar?

I think I will do that!  A challenge within a challenge!  How many do you think it will take to fill the jar?


Kay said...

Super cute. I think you have a found a winning formula for getting lots of fun and different hearts done quickly. I love the watermelon one, it is my favourite fruit.

fiddlegirl8 said...

My guess - 44 scissor fob hearts to fill the jar! I like the watermelon too! Make a kiwi heart, Leslie - I love kiwi fruit!

Leslie Andersen said...

Okay Diane (fiddlegirl8)--I accept your kiwi challenge!!!