Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ladybug on a Leaf #2

Day #168
Heart #151

Usually, the second time I make something, it is more refined than the first one.  That is so true of this ladybug on a leaf scissors fob!  On my first attempt, the colors just weren't right, and the ladybug was too big.  I like this one much better.


fiddlegirl8 said...

I'm loving all these scissor fob hearts! Thank you for making a kiwi heart fob - it's perfect!

Another couple of ideas I thought of for scissor fobs - flamingo - he could be dipping his beak into the water, to fit in the heart shape! and other bird fobs too - robin, owl, swan - each could "fit" into a heart shape with your talent and imagination, Leslie.

Kay said...

So cute, everyone loves ladybirds. your talent is neverending for producing art.

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks for the suggestions, fiddlegirl8!

Thanks for your kind words, Kay!