Friday, August 31, 2012

Almost to my Goal!

Day #244
Hearts #334-361

Look at the number above--I'm just 4 hearts from my goal!!

Over the past two days I made the 27 hearts in the picture below (they are piled up, but there really are 27!  There are 10 big tie-dye hearts, 6 of the medium blue hearts, and 11 small hearts.)  My regular reader, Kay, commented previously that she liked the green striped hearts, I decided that would be a good fabric to use again for most of the small ones.  (Kay has fabulous taste, you should see her Pinterest!)

I sent out ten more Hope Hearts starter kits today, and each one had a set of hearts like the three below. Send me your mailing address if you know someone who's ill and could use some hope in the form of handmade hearts, and I will send you a kit.


grandmatomato said...

My heart kit arrived today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a really nice kit that you have offered to help us get started making are own hearts.
Sandy K.

Kay said...

Wow Leslie. There really are no words to express my admiration for your labour of love, you must have made so many people happy. I haven't looked at the computer for a few days as we are decorating and suddenly you have nearly reached your goal. As you are making the kits now i do wonder what will be the final number by the end of the year. Thank you for the compliment, taste is all relative isn't it.

LimeRiot said...

Another awesome pile of hope and love, Leslie!

You are going to hit your goal in no time. What do you have planned for the 365th heart?? It's probably a surprise :). I can't wait to see!!