Thursday, August 9, 2012

Matchbox Heart

Day #222
Heart #226

I'm taking a break from the wool felt scissors fobs for a while (I have a few more designs in mind for those, so I WILL do some more before the year is out).

Today's heart is in fabric-collage form; it is sewn together with a lot of different fabrics and trims, and glued onto a paper-covered matchbox.

It just so happens that the matchbox will hold one of my scissors fobs perfectly!

Next week I expect to have time to make a LOT of these; I've been trying to think of something to do for the Art Abandonment group I belong to on facebook, and I think these would be perfect (with some other words than "Happy Birthday", of course!!)  The idea is to make a piece of art and leave it in a public place to be found and claimed by a stranger.  I will put each fob-filled box in a plastic bag with a card explaining the concept, with the groups' email address so the finder can let us know that they found art (if they choose to do so).  Exciting!

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Kay said...

I hope you let us know if any are found.