Friday, August 17, 2012

Four of a Kind

Day #230
Hearts #248-251

Here are four very similar hearts I made yesterday for my Hope Hearts kits.  I'm very excited that three of them will go out in the mail today, in three different kits!  I would love to send you a kit too, if you have someone in your life who is seriously ill, and you would like to show your love and support by crafting handmade hearts for him or her.  The kit includes three finished hearts, templates, and an idea/instruction sheet.  E-mail your mailing address to me at, and I will have the kit in the mail to you quickly!

1 comment:

Helen said...

ohh - I love the 'Carpe Diem' one - its the title of one of my favourite books!

Just love the idea of the heart kits - need to do another craftster heart swap so I can get some more :)