Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Twenty Pretty Hearts

Day #242
Hearts #313-333

I made twenty more hearts yesterday, and most of them will go out in the mail later today.  At this rate, I will reach my challenge goal of 365 sewn hearts by the weekend!  Now the question is, how high will the number go by the end of the year??

Each of the Hope Hearts starter kits that I send out today will include a trio of hearts similar to this set, below:

This is a labor of love for me; I enjoy every minute of it!


Jannette said...

Hi Leslie,
My sewn hearts and templates arrived today - and they're beautiful! I've already got some fun and friendly fabrics set aside to make some more. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea and your incredible generosity!

Leslie Andersen said...

You are most welcome, Jannette!!