Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eighteen More

Day #241
Hearts #295-312

Another day, another 18 hearts!  These will all be going out in the mail today in Hope Hearts starter kits.

I am purposely avoiding the color pink as I make these hearts, and any prints that look really girly, because in most cases I don't know if the recipient will be male or female; but a few people have told me that they are making hearts for a female friend, so I have a few pink hearts like the one on the left.  I'm also still making crazy bright hearts like the yellow one on the right.  Do you see the little "hope" charm in the middle of it?  I bought 100 of them from Hidden Treasure Jewelry on Etsy.  I highly recommend this store because the owner ships FAST!  Two hours after I placed my order, I got an email saying it had been sent!!  I love that about small businesses!  Her prices are very reasonable too.


Kay said...

I am just blown away by your generosity of spirit.

LimeRiot said...

You're just a hope factory, Leslie!! Keep up the awesome work.

2 hours to ship?! That must be a record.