Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cutter Quilt Hearts

Day #3
Hearts #3-7

A month or so ago, my friend Diane gifted me with several pieces of old "cutter" quilts for my crafting. Over the past week I've been carefully cutting and sewing hearts from them.  I am careful, because I don't want to waste an inch of these quilts; they are precious to me and I want to preserve as much of them as I can.

This pink square has beautiful hand quilting, and was hand-pieced.

I made two hearts from the section on the lower left.  I didn't want to waste the scraps that came from cutting out the larger heart, so I made the small one too.

Diane sent this small piece that was left after she made two hearts for Amanda

From that scrap I was able to make these two hearts:

This big block has a lot of color; I was drawn to the lower left corner, which is so worn-out that the batting is showing through the fabric

I just made one heart out of this piece, because there weren't any little scraps that needed saving.

This last one is the scrappiest and raggediest of all, but that's what I like about it!


fiddlegirl8 said...

Oh,Leslie - your creations are just lovely - you've totally utilized these old quilt pieces! Don't you just love those old tattered fabrics - I wondered if a little girl's dress came from one, a boy's shirt from another - I like the corner you picked from the last one-it has a patriotic look to me - and I love anything patriotic to the USA!! I hope to send you some more pieces of old quilts soon. I love that you appreciate these little pieces of history so much.

susan ab said...

i love seeing these--as wonderful remnants of cutter quilts and then transformed into beautiful sewn hearts. the labor of love is passed on from the original sewer to you, leslie. there is something just so sweet about that!