Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today's Post is Brought To You by the Letters H and Q

Day #15
Hearts #19 and #20

I have two more alphabet-letter hearts today.  They are both made of cotton fabric and have a felt letter sewn onto them.  I will start with the best one. 

Presenting:  the letter Q!

Somehow, this heart came out perfect!  The shape is symmetrical, the hanging loop is nice and straight, and the letter Q shows up sharply against the bright yellow background.  The fabric is from the package sent to me by my friend Susan with this challenge in mind.  She wishes the question marks were larger, so the fabric would be more useful to her, but for this small heart shape (about 3.5"), it is perfect!  Thanks, Susan!

Now for the letter H.  This picture shows my new technique to make the hanging ribbon come out straight:  I tape it in place before sewing the back and front of the heart together.  After sewing and turning it right-side-out, I simply remove the tape, and the ribbon is nice and straight.  Hooray!

Here's the finished heart.  The curves could be smoother, but it's okay.


mini_mum said...

I love the 'H' heart! That yellow fabric works so well with the Q as well!

You're doing so well at keeping this up - at this rate you'll be finished early :)

LeAnn ~ My Day In The Making said...

These remind me of an alphabet quilt I made years ago. It is such fun finding the fabric! It is also fun seeing what you have found.