Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grapevine Wreath

Day #12
Hearts #12-18

I got busy and sewed seven hearts today!  Each one is made from a different Valentine's Day fabric.  I love how bright and happy they all look together!

This one is my favorite, because of the way the white flowers and stems are placed on one side; I didn't plan that, so it was a nice surprise!

Back in December, when I was posting "inspiration" photos on this blog, there was one picture of hearts on a wreath, so I searched for and found  a bare grapevine wreath to purchase on eBay.  It has been waiting patiently for me to do something with it, and today I tied six of my new hearts onto the wreath.  It's a simple decoration that I can change with the seasons, which is perfect for this heart challenge!

It is now enhancing the inside of our front door.  Cute!

1 comment:

susan ab said...

please those hearts are as pretty as can be and on that vine--glorious! in the midst of what can be such a harsh month, the healthy glow of red and pink hearts is just what's needed!
i love this!