Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Word Hearts

Day #17
Hearts #21-24

As you might imagine, challenging myself to make a heart a day for a year has influenced  my thoughts; I'm always asking myself "what new hearts can I make?" and I clutch at any inspiration that comes my way.  Here's a perfect example:  I found this scrap of fabric in one of my many bags of scraps, and I kept thinking about the little hearts on it:

I wanted to make a bunch of cute little hearts like the ones on this scrap, but to satisfy me, there needed to be a bit more to them.  Inspiration struck me yesterday; I decided that each heart would have one "good word" on it, a word that is either a virtue or associated with a virtue, and that I would make a whole pile of these hearts to fill up a pretty bowl that I have.  It will sit on a table, and perhaps I will randomly pick up a heart or two every day, and use the word or words as my "thought for the day".

These are the first four.  I really struggled with the form each word would take--would one say "kindness" or just "kind"?  "Goodness" or "good"?  I decided to go with the form of each word that would follow the word "be", as in "be kind", "be good"--but I wouldn't include the word "be".  That way, when I pick one up and consider the word, I can put it in a sentence like "Leslie is kind" and use it as an affirmation and a goal for that day.

I used the same heart template I made for the hearts on the grapevine wreath, so each heart is about 3" tall.  Another layer of challenge that I've added to this particular set of hearts is that I want to only use scraps from my scrap bags to make them.

When I get more of these finished, I will show you a picture of them in the bowl I have in mind.  I printed out a list of words I want to use, and I keep thinking of more.  Do you have any suggestions?


fiddlegirl8 said...

These are words that came to mind, especially when thinking of you: gentle, forgiving, giving, hopeful, loving, inspiring, unselfish, thoughtful, grateful, graceful, helpful, devoted, loyal, truthful, faithful, humble. When I think of some more, I will post them to you!! I like your ideas and the ways these hearts are leading me!! Thanks, Leslie. xo

mini_mum said...

looking for the 'like' button on fiddlegirl8s' comment!

Leslie Andersen said...

Thank you both! You are so sweet!