Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lavender Heart

Day #7
Heart #9

I'm working on some gift hearts for Valentine's Day.  This one is a lavender sachet, filled with lavender buds I bought from Prairie Lavender Farm last summer.  The mailman left the box on the porch, and when I opened the front door, the lavender aroma just about knocked me down! 

Two views of the same heart:

The fabric is cotton, and the flower and leaves are wool felt.  The vine and details are hand-embroidered.


susan ab said...

oh, leslie! this heart is insanely sweet! if anything is going to bring some warmth to that coldest of months, it will be this valentine heart. the fabric, the colors and--of course--the crafting of it all is awesome. on the embroidered parts--do you mark the fabric or wing it? even that chain stitch is unbelievable.

mini_mum said...

Stunning as usual - you really do keep that bar raised high Leslie!

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks, Susan and Helen!

Susan, I do mark the embroidered vine with a pencil, but I don't use a stencil or anything, I just "eyeball" it and hope for the best! I think the stitch I used for the vine is called a stem stitch.