Monday, January 2, 2012

Heart Charm

Day #2
Heart #2

I made this tiny heart to be a charm on one of my scrappy braided fabric bracelets.  Hopefully I will get the bracelet finished today and post it on my other blog tomorrow.  (UPDATE:  the bracelet is now posted HERE.)

This heart is made of purple wool felt, with seed beads for the flower, and cotton embroidery floss for the leaves and the blanket stitch around the edge.

This is the other side (looks pretty much the same!).  I added the jump ring so I can put it on a bracelet.


susan ab said...

im sitting here in NJ with my jaw slacked, leslie! that is unbelievable! so TINY, so detailed. beautifully beaded, i love the design. that's a beautiful piece of wool felt: from here, it looks like velvet.

cannot wait to see this adorn one of your fabric bracelets!

Leslie Andersen said...

Thanks, Susan!