Friday, January 20, 2012

I Love You, Lime Riot!

Day #20
Heart #25

Oh that lime riot, how did she get to be so cool?  Please, do yourself a favor and take a look at her blog.  Last night, when I saw this post of the Valentine's Day cards she made for the other moderators at Craftster, I alsmost dropped my Godiva chocolate into my peppermint tea!  These cards are SO STINKIN CUTE that I was mad I didn't think of them first.  This is the idea I've been looking for--something new to make as a give-away with my etsy sales, so first thing this morning I rushed to my sewing room and made this:

I didn't copy hers exactly, but used them as inspiration for mine.  The heart is made of two cotton fabrics, and I used good ol' Heat n Bond to "glue" the center heart onto the base.  I did all the sewing on the machine, so it went together very quickly, which is perfect for a freebie.  I LOVE the idea of using baker's twine for the hanger, so the heart can be removed from the card and hung anywhere the recipient wants.  I tied the heart to the card by hand-sewing it with a single thickness of carpet thread (which is very thick and strong), tied in a bow inside the card, so it will be simple to remove the heart from the card.

I am going to make a TON of these!  All you future swap partners of mine, get excited, because you will be getting one of these in your package from me!!!

Thank you, Lime Riot, for your inspiration.


susan ab said...

there is nothing worth spreading like an excellent craft idea! and if it's sewn, so much the better : )

i love the idea from Lime Riot and I love your spin to them, Leslie. Baker's twine!! I love baker's twine!
(Just happened to have that lying around or what?)

Awesome gifting for any time of the year!!

LimeRiot said...

Lime Riot loves you right back!! These are beautiful, Leslie. I adore your version and am always in awe of your stitching mojo.